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Stop killing yourself following the wrong path and design the restaurant you've always envisioned. Invest wisely in proven strategies and eliminate failure from your operations. Created by Mike Bausch, award-winning restaurateur and best-selling author.

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Unlock your restaurant's fullest potential with Unsliced, a tailored system that's straightforward and actionable. By shifting your approach, elevate your restaurant business and profits to unparalleled heights.


  • Vision
  • Metrics
  • Path to a Solid Customer Base
  • Marketing done efficiently
  • Great Training
  • Loyal Dedicated Employees
  • Incredible Relationships
  • Systems for Growth and Freedom

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Updated with a new chapter, not available in the print edition.

Unsliced will transition you from feeling overwhelmed to confidently taking steps toward achieving your restaurant dreams—whether you're a seasoned owner or just starting out, discover just how rewarding the restaurant industry can be.

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“I’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on consultants, programs, and applications to learn everything I can to make our restaurants better. The investments have proved a solid ROI, but they've never been accessible to most restaurant owners. I've boiled it all down, from the practical business protocols to my proprietary tools, and created a direct path to success that's easy to navigate. My mission is to give the tools I wish I had earlier to any restaurant owner seeking a better way. For every owner who is ready for a change, determined to succeed, and will not accept failure, this is for you.”

The Unsliced Restaurant System by Mike Bausch

Oklahoma’s Small Business Entrepreneur of the Year, 2-time Guinness World Record holder,#1 on Amazon best-selling author, and Tulsa’s Restauranteur of the Year, Mike’s award-winning pizzeria has grown into a multi-location, multi-concept local empire.  Andolini’s Pizzeria has been named a US Top 10 Pizzeria by TripAdvisor, Buzzfeed, CNN, and USA Today.

The Unsliced Restaurant System


Understanding and defining the goal.


What is the smartest way to control and understand food cost, labor cost, COGS and how to manage them all.


Who is the ideal customer and how to speak to them and stop by worrying about the rest.


How to light fire on effective marketing that works and do it in a cycle instead of spinning wheels on what “might” work.


Training protocols to be the best and then how to keep them loyal and dedicated to your brand vision.


What to say to vendors to turn them into partners and exact scripts and tactics that lead to profit


Whether the goal is to get home earlier or do more stores, systemizing the process once its set and controlled is the path to freedom


All with LIVE WEEKLY questions and answer sessions to stay on track

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A supportive mastermind of restaurant people JUST LIKE YOU


Christina Martin Manizza's Pizza, Las Vegas Nevada

“Because of Unsliced, I went from being a mom who didn’t see her daughter at all 3 days a week to picking her up from school every day and coaching her sports practices without being tethered to my store or my phone. I did this while my team was empowered to maximize their own potential, my market share is growing, 5-star reviews continue to pile up, and my restaurant is thriving.“

Christina Martin Manizza's Pizza, Las Vegas Nevada

Ciaran Kelly Pizza Guyz Belfast Ireland

"With just a few tips from Mike on sales training, food cost controls, and better vendor relations, I created over 90k in new revenue, just the last 6 months alone!"

Ciaran Kelly Pizza Guyz Belfast Ireland

Your Restaurant's Success Starts Here

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